Pulastya says- “When the Ganas saw Andhak’s army approaching the Mandar Mountain, they made a loud roar, which reverberated through the land and sky. Hearing this roar, Lord Ganesha became apprehensive and went to Mandar Mountain to ask Lord Shiva about the origin of that tremendous roar. Lord Shiva told him- “I am going to fight a battle with Andhak.” Lord Ganesha also expressed his willingness to accompany him. Lord Shiva then entrusted the job of Parvati‘s security to prominent Matrikas like Malini, Jaya, Vijaya, Aparajita and Jayanti. He then went to fight Andhak holding his weapon- trident in his hand and mounted on a bull. The Ganas made a protective ring and surrounded him from all sides.

In a very short time, both armies confronted each other and a tremendous battle began in which the Ganas crushed many demons to death. The demons retaliated by attacking them with mace and swords. All the deities assembled in the sky to witness this battle. Mahapashupat attacked the demons with such force that it caused great losses to the enemy. On seeing death and destruction caused in the demon’s camp, Tuhunda- the mighty demon attacked the Ganas with his most destructive weapon- Paridhi, which scared the Ganas and they fled. Then Lord Ganesha came forward to fight Tuhunda. Tuhunda assaulted him with his weapon- Paridhi but it fragmented into hundreds of pieces after dashing against Ganesha’s belly. On seeing the destruction of his maternal uncle’s most destructive weapon, Rahu came running towards Lord Ganesha   and   held   him   tightly.   Lord   Ganesha,   Ghatodar   and   Sukeshi   assaulted   him simultaneously with their respective weapons. Writhing in pain, Rahu immediately released Ganesha. Seeing the time opportune, Lord Ganesha severed Tuhunda’s head with his axe. After killing Tuhunda, Lord Ganesha attacked the demons but the attack was repulsed by the mighty

Bali. In this battle, the Ganas were finally able to annihilate the demons. Shambar protected himself  by  taking  Shukracharya’s  refuge  and  all  the  surviving  demons  including  Andhak followed suit.

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