Lord Vishnu, Brahma, the deities and the Ganas were pleased to hear about Shiva’s marriage. Lord  Shiva  went  to  his  abode-  Kailash  Mountain  to  make  preparations  for  the  marriage ceremony.

Lord Shiva’s marriage procession proceeded towards Himalaya Mountain. His appearance was quite terrifying with a tiger skin around his waist and Gorochan Tilak on his forehead. He had a garland of skulls around his neck. Snakes were coiling all around his body. His mount- Vrishabh (ox) was walking in a majestic way. The marriage procession comprised of the deities, Yakshas, demons and his Ganas. Lord Vishnu had Goddess Lakshmi by his side and was mounted on Garuda (eagle) while Lord Brahma was mounted on Hans (swan).

When the marriage procession reached its destination, Himalaya received his esteemed guests with great honor and guided them to his palace. The womenfolk envied Uma as they glanced at the handsome appearance of Lord Shiva. Uma was  looking divinely beautiful in her white coloured silken apparel. At last, both the bride and the bridegroom entered the canopy where the marriage ceremony was supposed to be performed.

Himalaya placing Uma’s hand in Shiva’s, requested him to accept her as his wife. Lord Shiva said- “O king of the mountains! Despite being homeless, I agree to accept your daughter as my wife.” After that, both Shiva and Uma tied the nuptial knot and circumambulated the sacred fire for three times. Both of them made offerings to the sacred fire. As Uma touched Shiva’s feet, Lord Brahma got a chance to have a glimpse of her beautiful face. He was so infatuated by her divine beauty that he ejaculated. Nobody except Lord Shiva was aware of this incident. Lord Brahma tried to conceal his ejaculated sperms (Veerya) under the soil. But Lord Shiva prohibited

him  from  doing  so  and  said-  “Don’t  destroy  this  Virya.  From  it  would  manifest  80,000


Lord Shiva’s prophesies came true and in a very short time, 80,000 Balkhilyas appeared there. Lord Shiva then returned to Mandar Parvat accompanied by his consort, Uma.

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