Sanatkumar says- “Lord Shiva became pleased by his devotion and blessed Vena that he would manifest from his body as Andhak in his next birth. Due to the sins acquired by criticising the Vedas, he would be born in the family of the notorious demon Hiranyaksh.” Lord Shiva then asked Vena to demand any boon.


Vena requested Lord Shiva to bless his attendant who had transformed into a dog due to his sin acquired by eating divine food. Lord Shiva blessed the attendant as a result of which, he regained his original form. Right then, Prithu arrived there. After seeing him, Vena expressed his gratitude for his tremendous effort without which, he would not have been liberated from his sins. After blessing Prithu, Vena departed for heaven.


In his father’s absence, Prithu continued to rule justly. He performed many religious activities and  gave unlimited donations  to  the Brahmins.  After ruling for a long period,  he went  to Kurukshetra where he did a severe penance and attained the supreme abode after his death.


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