Continuing with his tale, lord Varaha told Prithvi- “There is a sacred place in the Himalayas which is very inaccessible. It is famously known as Badrikashrama and holds an important place among all the holy places. One who makes a pilgrimage to that place gets all his wishes fulfilled. There is a reservoir at the mountain top called Brahma kund. One who observes fast for three consecutive nights and takes a holy dip in that reservoir attains virtues similar to “Agnishtom yagya”. One who takes his last birth in its vicinity certainly attains to my abode. There are several other holy places in the vicinity of Badrikashrama like Agnisatya pad, Indra loka, Satya loka, Chatuhsrota, Ved dhar, etc. Ved dhar is the same place where the vedas had manifested from lord Brahma’s mouth.


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