Describing the origin of ‘Kapila Varaha‘ (an idol of lord Varaha made by sage Kapila) lord Varaha told Prithvi- “Sage Kapila was a great devotee of mine. He had made my idol and worshipped it regularly. Later on, Indra acquired it and started worshipping it. The demon king Ravana took it to Lanka after defeating Indra in a battle. In Treta Yuga I (Sri Rama) defeated him and made Vibhishan, his brother the king of Lanka. This way, the idol came under the possession of Vibhishan but he agreed to part with it at my request. This was how I brought that idol to Ayodhya. After reaching Ayodhya, I presented it to Shatrughan as a reward for killing Lavanasur. Later on, while Shatrughan was going to Mathura he carried that idol along with him.”

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