the nineth day of the bright half of the Hindu month-ashvin. The rituals commence by taking a

‘sankalpa’ as well as observing a fast on the preceding day (saptami). The fast is broken on the next day (ashtami) by having fruits. Cereals are excluded from the diet. One important aspect of this austerity is the worship of virgin girls along with goddess Durga. One who observes the rituals of this austerity attains power valour and strength. Sarva bhaum vrata is related with the ¬†worship of all the ten directions, considered as goddesses. A fast is observed on the tenth day of the bright half of the Hindu month-kartik and lasts for a year whereby a devotee observes fast on the tenth day (bright half) of every month that follows. One important charecteristic of this fast is that it is broken at the end of the day by having rice and curd. Making sacrifices in the name of all the ten directions are the inseparable part of this austerity. A devotee who observes this austerity lasting for a year remains invincible in whatever he does.

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