“The rituals for the installation of silver or gold idols are similar to that of copper or bronze idol. Prithvi requested lord Varaha to reveal the name of deities whom a devotee can worship at home. Lord Vishnu replied- “A devotee can worship any deity at home but worship of two Shivalingas is prohibited. Similarly a devotee should never worship three Shaligrams or three Durga idols or two Surya idols. A devotee should also never worship Shaligrams adding up to odd numbers- 3,5, 7, etc. But there is no harm in worshipping one Shaligram. A devotee must never worship broken or cracked idol because it does not bode well for the worshipper. A ‘chakra’ mark on the Shaligram is considered as very auspicious and it can be worshipped even if the idol is broken or cracked.  The  virtues  attained  by  worshipping  twelve  Shaligrams  are  similar  to  that  of worshipping twelve crore Shivalingas. Partaking of ‘charnamrit’ that has been offered to Shaligram absolves a man from all his sins. Anybody who either buys or sells a Shaligram is certain to go to hell.”


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