A person performing the shradha rituals should have his seat made of ‘kusha’ grass. After taking his seat, he should invoke the deities and make offerings of ‘ardhya’ to them. While offering ‘ardhya’ to the deities water and barley are commonly used along with other articles like sandalwood, incense, etc. During the entire course of shradha rituals sacred thread should be worn in an inverse position- across the right shoulder and not across the left shoulder as it is normally worn. While performing the shradha of ancestors offerings of articles like sesame seeds, water and kusha grass are normally made.


It is customary to scatter sesame seeds near the place where brahmins are having food in the shradha ceremony. The performer of the shradha rituals should imagine that the food partaken by them are actually satiating the ancestors. The chanting of ‘Rakshodhna mantra’ is a must.

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