In the solar line there was a king named Vrihadashva. He had twenty-one thousand sons. The eldest son was known as Kuvalashva. When Vrihadashva aged, he decided to retire to the forest with his wife. As for the kingdom, he resolved that he would hand it over to Kuvalashva.

But as the coronation ceremony was about to take place, a sage named Utanka arrived in the capital. Utanka told Vrihadashva, ―King, please do not retire to the forest just yet. If you do so, we will not be able to to meditate in peace. My hermitage is on the shores of the ocean and the seashore is frequented by a terrible demon named Dhundhu. He is so powerful that even the gods cannot vanquish him. He hides under the sand and meditates. He exhales his breath once every year and when he does so, all hell breaks loose. Terrible sandstorms are unleashed and the sun is shrouded in dust. For an entire week there are earthquakes. You cannot go away without doing something about Dhundhu.‖

―Great sage,‖ replied Vrihadashva, ―I have given up my weapons. It would be most improper for me to take them up once again. As for Dhundhu, take my son Kuvalashva with you. I am sure that he will vanquish the demon.‖

Kuvalashva and his twenty-one thousand brothers accompanied Utanka. They came to the shores of the ocean and started to dig up the sand in their search for Dhundhu. When the demon got to know about this, he unleashed a terrible storm. Tidal waves raged. Flames licked with tongues of fire. Dhundhu‘s soldiers attacked Kuvalashva and his brothers. All the brothers except three were killed.

But Dhundhu had not reckoned with Kuvalashva. The storm, the waves and the fire could do Kuvalashva no harm. He killed the demon and thus acquired the name of Dhundhumara. The sage Utanka blessed him.

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