One thousand years after this incident, Ribhu once again decided to see his disciple Nidagh. So he once again arrived in Veernagar. At that time, king of that town was leading a procession of his army. So there was a great crowd on the main road of the town. Nidagh was carrying some worship materials from the forest but seeing a huge crowd on the road, he stood aside waiting for its dispersion. Meanwhile, Ribhu also arrived there. Seeing Nidagh standing alone away from the crowd, Ribhu approached him and asked why he was standing there. Nidagh said- “O Brahmin! Today, the king of our town had taken out a procession. So I am standing here waiting for the dispersion of crowd so that I can reach home and offer my worship.”

Ribhu asked- ” It appears from your words that you know everything about your town. Kindly tell me who is the king and who are the subjects?” Nidagh said- “The one who is riding an elephant is the king and those who are following him on the ground are his subjects.”

Ribhu said- “O Nidagh! You have shown me the king and the elephant together but did not show their  distinguishing  symptoms  separately.  Who  is  the  king  among  them  and  who  is  the elephant?” Nidagh said- “The one who is above is the king and the one who is beneath is the elephant.” Ribhu said- “Kindly elaborate what is above and what is beneath?” As soon as Ribhu finished his words, Nidagh climbed on his shoulders and said- “Look, like the king, I am above you and like the elephant, you are beneath me.” Ribhu said- “If you are like the king and I am like the elephant, kindly explain to me, who are you and who am I?” Nidagh at once climbed down and fell at Ribhu’s feet and said- “Certainly, you are the great sage Ribhu.” Ribhu said- “Yes, I am Ribhu and I have come to preach you out of affection.” Thereafter Ribhu preached Nidagh on the universality of soul and development of impartial view and left. By his preaching, Nidagh’s ignorance dispersed and he began to see all the creatures equal to impartially.

O king! Like the Brahmin who attains salvation because of impartial view, you also develop an impartial view regarding soul. Then you will not see anyone separate from you. Everything in this world is a manifestation of soul.

Parashar says- “Thus preached by JadaBharata, the king of Sauveer left his partial attitude. JadaBharata too received salvation when he realised the true knowledge.”

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