BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Vighnayentra nashnam

(Destruction of the mystic symbol of obstacles). Now Bhanda sent Vishukra to the warfront. In the darkness Vishukra approached the Vahniprakara (firewall) –on a flat stone he drew a mystic symbol and performed some black magic. He then threw that mystic symbol forcefully. It fell in the firewall at some point. With the affect of that yantra (mystic symbol) laziness crept into the minds of the devi‘s army. Some started arguing that war itself was wrong. (b.) Some said, ―Why should we fight on behalf of the gods‖. (c.) Some said, ―Who is this Lalita devi? Who has given her superior ship over us?‖ (d.) Some said, ―If all of us together decline not to fight what can Lalita devi do?‖ (e.) All of them fell into sleep of ignorance. After midnight Vishukra along with 30 akshohini sena surrounded the firebarrier. Even then none of the members of shakti sena moved under the influence of the ignorance caused by the Vighna yantra. However, Vighnayentra was not able to affect Mantrini and Dandanatha. But they were both very sad worried seeing the state of their army. Not knowing what to do they went and enquired Lalita devi. Then Lalita devi looked at the Kameshwara‘s face and passed a gentle smile. From her smile Ganapathi took birth. He immediately searched in the firewall and noticed the ‗vighnayentra shila‘ at one place. He broke the shila into pieces and powder with his tooth.(kameshwaramukhaloka kalpita sri ganeshwara Mahaganesha nirbhinna vighnayentra praharsita). With that shaktisena‘s ignorance and sleep was dispelled, they immediately got ready for the war. Now Vighneswara along with this army came out of the fire barrier and started fighting with Vishukra.

Vishukra sent Gajasura to attack him but soon Gajasura was slayed. Seeing this Vishukra ran away.

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