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Describing about the methods of installing a Shivalinga Suta says– A devotee should install a Shivalinga made of either gold, silver or copper. The shivalinga should be installed along with the altar. The altar of the Shivalinga symbolizes goddess Uma. Lord Brahma is said to manifest at the base of Shivalinga while Lord Vishnu at its center. After the installment of Shivalinga it should be worshipped with appropriate rituals. The Shivalinga should be adorned with clothes and its ablution should be performed.

A devotee should chant the Brahma vigyan mantras for the consecration of Lord Brahma who is supported to manifest at the base of Shivalinga. Similarly, for the consecration of Lord Vishnu dwelling at the center of Shivalinga, Gayatri at the center of Lord Shiva is consecrated by the chanting of any of the following mantras—


A devotee should then worship the Shivalinga and make offerings in the sacrificial fire.