Each living being has to taste the fruits of his ‘Karmas’, when his soul reaches the abode of Yama after his death. The soul of a virtuous man enters the hell from the Northern side, where as that of sinful man enters from the southern side.

Yamanagri – The abode of Yama is situated at a distance of eighty six thousand yojans (One
Yojans – Eight miles) from the surface of the earth.

The virtuous soul reaches there without any problem because of his virtuous deeds. On the contrary, the soul of a sinner reaches Yamanagri tasting the fruits of his sins all along the way. Moreover, when the soul of a sinner reaches Yamanagri, it gets punished by the ‘Yamadutas’. The lord of death then gives the final judgement on the basis of each individual’s sins.

From the hell the virtuous soul leaves for the heaven. There are many categories of hells all filled up with filth.

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