While narrating the tale of Hiranyaksha’s killing, Sutli said-

“Once, Shiva and Parvati were living at the Mandarachal mountain. Parvati, playfully covered both the eyes of Shiva with her palms. This made lord Shiva to perspire from his forehead. From this perspiration manifested a ferocious creature. Parvati asked Lord Shiva as to who this creature was. Lord Shiva told her that he was his son Andhak.

Parvati brought up Andhak with great love and care. Hiranyaksha the demon did a tremendous penance to please lord Shiva, with a desire to acquires a son. Lord Shiva became pleased with his penance and appeared before him. He asked Hiranyaksha to demand any boon, which he promised to fulfill.

Hiranyaksha expressed his desire to have a very powerful and mighty son. Shiva decided to give Andhak to him, who at that time was being brought up by Parvati. Hiranyaksha brought young Andhak along with him.

With the help of Andhak, he conquered all the three worlds. He lifted up the earth and proceeded towards the Netherworld. The deities became very terrified. They prayed to Lord Vishnu and when he appeared they requested him to kill Hiranyaksha.

Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyaksha in his incarnation of boar. After killing Hiranyaksha, Lord
Vishnu made Andhak the king of Netherworld and place the earth at its original place.

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