Discription of the temples of Tirumala – Tondaman builds a temple

Very soon after the marriage Akasaraja died and his brother, I Tondaman, and son Vasudeva, fought for the throne. Srinivasa interfered at the instance of Padmavati and divided the kingdom between the two disputants. Tondaman got the Tondamandalam ‘ part and Vasudeva obtained the Narayanavanam part of the kingdom.
This Tondaman was Rangadasa in the previous birth. So die Lord commanded him to build a fine abode for His residences Tondaman constructed a temple. The lord lived in it with gre.il satisfaction. The king had many vehicles made and performed n number of utsavas for the Lord.

over Seshachala,  discovered the anthill in which the Lord lay, taking  rest Thereafter she used to shed her milk on the anthill and did not yield  a drop to the milkman of the king. The queen took the milkman to task  and blamed him for stealing the cow’s milk. Next day, the milkman followed the cow and saw her pour the milk over the ant- hill  Incensed at this, he took an axe and wanted to kill the cow. The Lord  came out of the ant-hill and took the blow upon himself. Blood gushed out of the wound made in his head. The milkman saw this  and  died of shock, on the spot. The cow went down the hill, reached
the King and showed intense grief. The Chola king followed the  cow , came up the hill and saw the pitiable sight. The Lord cursed him to become  a pisacha  and said, “In future time an Akasaraja will  give his daughter, Padmavati, in marriage to me. He then presents  me a  kirita which I wear on Fridays.As long as I wear it, I will not feel the  pain 11 of the wound on my bead and for that time you will also be normal.

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