MADURAI KSHETHRA – Kambathadi Mandapa Sundareswarar Shrinem Swami

The entrance of the Sundareswarar shrine there are two Dwaragabalas each 12 feet height. In the first program we can see the Aargau Pelham (pedestal of with six pillars). In this peedam Thiruvilayadal Purana ( miracles of Lord Siva )of Paranjothi Manila was inaugurated . Two copper images of Dwaragabalas stand here.
Going through the way of AarukalPeedam we enter the Maha Mandapam of the Sundareswarar Shrine.In this Mandapam we can see Sri Nataraja in Valli embalm and 63 copper images of Nayanmaras(Saiva Saints).Here Sri Nataraja has its right leg raised.
The Sanctum-Sanctorum is known asĀ Indra Vimanam. And it was supported by sixty four”Bhootha ganas”thirty two Lionsand eight Elephants. On this Indra Vimanam stands Lord Sundareswarar in form of Lingam. The Lingam which has so many names like Chokkanathar, Kapoor chukar inspirer a deep devotion.
None Hindus are not allowed inside the Sundareswarar shrine.

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