Mahanandi Kshethra – PRADHAMA NANDI

Pradhama Nandi is in the east-south side of the Nandyal town on the bank of a small canal named ‘Chama Kaluva’. Vidhata or Brahma meditated about Paramsiva. Siva blessed him and existed there as Pradhama Nandeeswara.
Parvathi Devi is famous here by name Sri Kedareswari Devi. Through out the month of Karthika, the golden rays of the setting sun touch the Nandeeswara Linga. The devotees are encouraged to develop this place. The porches and the pillered stones are constructed.
Festivities are arranged on the important days such as Maha Sivarathri and Karthika Sivarathri etc., Number of pilgrims visit this place as it is very close to the town and the railway station.

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