Adjacent to the entrance there is a Kalyana Mantap. On crossing the second gate we can see Achyuta Temple. Achyutaraya, the younger brother of Krishnadevaraya, built this temple between 1513 and 1538. It is only an educated guess based on its similarity to Vittala Temple built by Krishnadevaraya.

Here too we find monolithic twin pillars. On the sides of the pillars the story of Dashavatara has been etched. On the base of the mantapa are the pictures of elephants, Horses, Arabian Merchants and such others. The ceiling of the rangamantapa has collapsed. On the right side is the temple of Laxmi. There is no statue here, as is the case with the one on the western side. If you come out through the southern gate you will find a statue of female deity with ten hands bearing weapons.

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