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Matsya-dwadashi is celebrated on the twelfth day of Hindu month-Margashirsh. On this auspicious day a devotee should worship lord Matsya- the incarnation of lord Vishnu with appropriate rituals and give charity to brahmins. Prithvi was the first one to observe this particular austerity while she was being abducted to rasatala by a mighty demon named Hiranyaksha. A devotee who observes a fast on this day and worships lord Matsya with appropriate rituals attains to Brahma loka and remains there for eternity. Such a person attain’s a divine body when creation recommences after the period of deluge. An issueless woman is blessed with a virtuous son if she observes a fast on this day. Matsya-dwadashi is capable of absolving a man even of the gravest of his sin.