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One important characteristic of the rituals connected with pinda dan is the offerings made to manes in the form of sesame seeds and water. Another important aspect is that ‘pinda’ is offered on the ‘kusha’ grass which are kept facing south- first in the name of one’s dead father and then in the name of one’s grandfather and other ancestors.

The performance of Balivaishva deva rituals mark the end of shradha ceremony after which the person should sit down along with all the invited guests to have his food. Ancestors become satisfied if shradha is performed in their names and all the desires of such a man are fulfilled. Three  things  have  great  importance  in  shradha  rituals-  black  sesame  seeds,  the  auspicious muhurta named  ‘Kutup’  and  grandson  (daughter’s  son).  Donating silver is  considered  to  be extremely auspicious. A person performing the shradha rituals should not venture out of his house till the completion of the entire ceremony.