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As the name implies, an idol of a cow made from powdered sesame seeds is donated to a brahmin. The idol should weigh not less than sixteen ‘prasthas’ (one prastha=four kudav, ancient units of weight measurment) Similarly a calf’s idol made from powdered sesame seeds and weighing four ‘prasthas’ is donated to a brahmin. Apart from these idols ofcow and calf a devotee should also donate ‘deer-skin’. While donating these things, he should pray in the following way- ‘O Til dhenu! Bless me so that I enjoy prosperity and never experience scarcity of any kind in my life.’ The brahmin receiving the donation should express his gratitude in the following way- O goddess! I am receiving you in all humility. Bless and nurture my whole family.’ A person who donates  ‘Til Dhenu’ gets all his wishes fulfilled and attains to Vishnu loka after his death.