Dantavakra Vadh by Krishna

After the killing of Shishupal, Shalv etc. Dantvaktra arrived in the battlefield carrying a mace. When Lord saw him coming, He too jumped down from the chariot and baulked his movement with a mace. Dantavakra tried to humiliate God with his abuses and hit him on head with his mace. Lord easily bore the blow of mace and hit Dantvaktra’s chest with his mace named Kaumodaki. Dantvaktra’s heart tore apart by the blow and he fell dead.

Vidurath was the brother of Dantavakra. He came in the field with sword and shield to avenge his brother’s death. Seeing him ready to launch an attack, Lord cut Vidurath’s head with his wheel. Thus, Lord Krishna entered Dwaraka only after killing Shalv, Dantavakra and Vidurath. All the gods and other inhabitants of heaven showered flowers on Him.

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