Sukhdev says: “Parikshit, once Lord Krishna was holding His court when an emissary arrived in the court. The kings who were held captive forcibly by Jarasandh had sent him. The emissary related the miseries of those kings to Lord Krishna. Through the emissary, the kings had requested: “O Lord of the world, Kindly get us free from our miseries. We are in your refuge. We desire your sight. Kindly bestow us with your grace.” Lord Krishna sent the emissary off with assurance of timely action.

Meanwhile, Devrishi Narad arrived in the court and informed the Lord of Yudhisthira’s intention to organise a grand Rajsuya Yagya and his cordial invitation for the Lord to attend the ceremony. Lord asked his friend Uddhava for an advice as to where He ought to go first – to Indraprastha in Rajsuya Yagya or to liberate the king from the captivity of Jarasandh. Uddhava advised Lord to go to Indraprastha first. There He would be able to serve both the purposes.

Uddhava’s advise was in the interest of all. Everyone supported it. Taking permission from His priest and teachers, Lord set out on a chariot with the whole family to reach Indraprastha. In Indraprastha, Pandavas accorded the Lord with warm-hearted felicitations. By the dictate of Lord, Mayasur built a divine looking court for Yudhisthira. The courtroom was a marvellous piece of architecture. The shining, smooth, floor of it appeared like water, while water bodies presented a look like marble floors.

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