Jarasandha killed by Bhima – KILLING OF JARASANDH

Jarasandha killed by Bhima

During Yudhisthira’s Rajsuy Yagya, all the Pandavas set out in all the directions to conquer the kings and expand the boundaries of their kingdom. Warriors like Bheem, Arjuna defeated great kings all around and extended the boundaries of Yudhisthira’s empire. But to defeat Jarasandh, – Bhima, Arjuna and Lord Krishna went in the guise Brahmins. They reached Jarasandh capital Girivraj and prayed him for donations. Jarasandh promised to give them the things of their desires. Lord Krishna then introduced themselves and begged Jarasandh for a duel with any of them. Jarasandh accepted to fight a duel with Bhima. He gave Bhima a mace and both of them came out to the outskirts of the town, where they began their duel. Both of them were equally strong and equally brave and well pitted.

Twenty-seven days passed, but their duel remained inconclusive. On the twenty-eighth day, during the fight, Lord signaled Bhima a way to kill Jarasandh. He took a small twig in his hands and tore it apart into two. Bhima understood the signal and beating Jarasandh on ground, he tore him apart in two pieces and threw them in opposite directions. Thus came the end of evil Jarasandh. Lord Krishna and Arjuna heartily greeted Bhima for his success. They then enthroned Jarasandh’s son Sahdev and also got the captive kings released.

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