Sri Shukadeva says, “O Parikshit, Vidura deserted his homely comforts and luxuries because he had to protest against injustice.” When, after losing in the game of dice, the Pandavas successfully passed the period of their exile and stay in guise, and were denied even then of their rightful share in the kingdom, Vidura was summoned for consultations. Vidura had then

suggested Dhritrashtra thus “O king, if you wish to save your family, you please abandon Duryodhan who is an embodiment of all the evils. He is jealous of none other than Lord Krishna. That is why you are getting dull day by day and loosing your radiance.” These words infuriated Duryodhan so much so that he began to abusively insult Vidura. But, Vidura didn’t mind his words even though he felt seriously hurt at heart. Accepting his insult as a play of God, Vidura silently left Hastinapur and went on a pilgrimage.

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