Travelling through various pilgrimage places, Vidura reached Prabhas region where he got the news of total destruction of the Kaurvas. The news deeply moved him. In search of solace, he continued to wander from one place of pilgrimage to another place. During his wandering, when he reached the banks of the river Yamuna, Vidura met Uddhava the selfless and calm server of God. They both met affectionately and enquired about the wellbeing of each other. They were both reflecting on the plays of Lord Krishna and feeling extreme joy. Vidura had also got the news of departure of Lord Krishna to his abode and destruction of Yadavas by fierce infightings. So he was extremely depressed also. Uddhava told him that Lord Krishna himself had bestowed His grace on him and preached Bhagavat jnana, which He had once preached to Lord Brahma. By the dictate of Lord, Uddhava was going to Badrikasharma. So he suggested Vidura to see Maitreya for the metaphysical knowledge, for before departing to his abode, Lord Krishna had dictated him (Maitreya) to preach Bhagavat to Vidura. As per the suggestion, Vidura reached Haridwar and saw the sage Maitreya on the banks of the river Ganges.

The pious Vidura respectfully greeted the sage Maitreya and said, “O lord, the people in this world perform various actions with a desire to have pleasure. But neither do they get pleasure nor is their sorrow removed. Their sorrow increases instead. What is good then, is this context?

O great among the sages, kindly preach me the way to peace, following which, one meets the God who then takes abode in the heart of his devotee and instills in him the Santan Gyan (eternal knowledge) that lets the devotee feel the direct presence of Him.

Thus asked with devotion by Vidura, Mahatma Maitreya illuminated the glory of God and other events like creation of universe by illusion and origin of colossus body, and said: No one can measure the eternal glory of God and the illusions created by Him.

In the beginning God created the primitive elements and the flaws associated with them. Then he created the colossus universe and entered it.

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