BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Manifestation of Lalita Devi

At the end of the Homa, Lalita Devi came out of the Chidagni Homa Kunda, seated on a special chariot called ―Chakra Raja Rata‖. Therefore, we find the descriptions such as ―Chidagnikunda sambhoota‖ ―Deva kaarya samudyataa‖ and ―Chakra Raja Rathaa Roodha Sarvaayudha Parishkritaa‖ in Lalita Sahasranama.

The Sri Chakra Raja Ratha had the following dimensions: A. Width 4 Yojanas (1 Yojana is approximately 9 miles)

  1. B. Height 10 Yojanas
  2. C. Parvas (landings)9 in number
  3. D. Chakras (wheels) – the four Vedas.
  4. E. Horses – the four-fold aims (Purusharthas) F. Flag absolute bli
  5. G. The seat at the topmost landing is the Bindu Peetha. H. Form – of the form of Meru Prastara.
  6. I. The material that was used to make this was ‗Tejas‘.

The Lalita Parameshwari so manifested, created a male form from within Herself. His name was Kameshwara. By her power of will, she created 4 different weapons. Theywere (i) Ikshu Dhanus (ii) Five arrows, (iii) Pasha (noose) and 4 Ankusha (a special hook).She held all these weapons in her hands. We see the description – ―Chaturbahu samanvitaa‖ in the Lalita Sahasranama. She was shining like the morning sun, with crimson color. (Udyad bhanusahasraabhaa is a description found in Lalita Sahasranama). Her beauty was full in all aspects. (Sarvarunaanavadyangee sarvaabharanabhooshitaa – Lalita Sahasranama). She always appears as though she is 16 years of age. (Nityaa shodashikaaroopaa is a description in Lalita Sahasranama. This description has two meanings. One meaning is that she always appears as one who is sixteen years of age. The other meaning is, there are 16 Nityaa Devis. She is of the form of these 16 Nityaa Devise. Maha Shambhunatha praised Her in many ways. Order of Creation. She extended Herself in both male and female forms and continued the process of creation.

A. From the left eye, which was of the nature of Soma (moon) came Brahmaand Lakshmi Devi.

  1. B. From the right eye, which was of the nature of Soorya (sun) came Vishnu and Parv C. From the third eye, which was of the nature of Agni (fire), came Rudra and Sarasvati. D. Lakshmi & Vishnu, Shiva & Parvati and Brahma & Sarasvati became couples.
  2. E. Lalita Devi directed them to continue the process of Creation. She herself continued to create certain things. (i) From her long hair she created darknes (ii) From her eyes, she created the sun, the moon and the fire. (iii) From the pendent hanging in front of herforehead came the stars (iv) From the chain above her forehead came the nine planets. (v) From the eyebrows, she created the penal code. (vi) From her breath, she created the Vedas. (vii) From her speech, she created poetry and plays. (viii) From her chin she created the Vedangas. (ix) From the three lines in her neck, she created various Shaastras. (x) From her breasts, she created mountains.(xi) From her mind, she created the power of bliss. (xii) From her fingernails, she created the 10 incarnations of Vishnu. (xiii) From her palms, she created the Sandhyas. (xiv) She created other things as narrated in the Purusha Sookta. (xv) From her heart, she created Baalaa Devi. (xvi) From her intellect, she created Shyamala Devi. (xvii) From her ego, she created Vaaraahi Devi. (xviii) From her smile, she created Vighneshwara.(xix) From the Ankusha (a special hook), she created Sampatkaree Devi. (xx) Form the noose, she created Ashwaa RoodhaDevi. (xxi) From her cheeks, she created Nakuleshvari Devi. (xxii) From her Kundalini Shakti, she created Gayatri. (xxiii) From the eight wheels of the Chakra Raja chariot, she created 8 Devatas.(xxiv) In the 9th landing, in the Bindu Peetha, she herself was seated. (xxv) Afterwards, she created the Devatas who would protect the Chakra Rajachariot.

After having thus completed the great creation, Lalita Devi requested her consort, Shiva Kama Sundara to created the Shiva Chakra. He immediately brought out a big humming sound and from this, the Shiva Chakra Devatas numbering 23 manifested. Later, Lalita Devi crowned Shyamala Devi as the prime minister. Therefore Shyamala Devi is called Mantrini Devi. Lalita Devi handed over the finger ring to Mantrini Devi.

She made Vaartaalee Devi the chief of her army. Therefore Vaartaalee Devi is also called as Dandanaathaa Devi. She is also called as Vaaraahee Devi. Lalita Devi created a mace (a weapon) from her eye brows and gave it to Dandanathaa Devi. After this, Lalita Devi created two chariots from her chariot and gave them to Mantrini Devi and Dandanatha Devi. Mantini Devi‘s chariot is called ―Geya Chakra Ratha‖. This chariot used to make musical sounds whenever it moved. Dandanatha Devi‘s chariot is called ―Kiri Chakra Ratha‖. Later, Lalita Devi hummed with rage. From this hum, 64000000 Yoginis were born. Another 64000000 Bhairavas were also born. Innumerable Shakti Senas (armies)were also created by her hum.

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