Markandeya says- ‘Bhadrashva Varsh is situated towards the east of the great mountain Devakut. Five more mountains are situated within its area- Kauranj, Shwetaparna, Neela, Shaiwal and Parnashalagra. Bhadrashva consists of thousands of Janpadas. Numerous rivers like Sita, Shankhavali, Bhadra and Chakravarta flows there. People living in Bhadrashva Varsh are full of radiance and they live for 1000 years. Narayana dwells in Bhadrashva in his incarnation of Hayagreev.’

‘Now I am going to tell about Ketumal Varsh which has seven mountains within its area- Vishal, Kambal, Krishna, Jayant, Hariparvat, Vishoka, and Vardhaman. There are thousands of smaller hills apart from these seven major mountains where people live. The names of the rivers flowing at Ketumal Varsh are Vankshuyama, Swakambha, Amogha, Kamini, Shyama etc. Narayana dwells in Ketumal Varsh in his incarnation of a boar (Varaha).’

‘Now listen about Uttarkurudesha. There are thousands of trees, which are fruit laden in all the seasons. Apparels are made from the bark of the trees and ornaments from its fruits. After being degraded, the residents of Devaloka take birth here. Uttarkuru has two mountains- Chandrakant and Suryakant. The river- Bhadrasoma flows between these two mountains. Narayana in his incarnation of Matsya (fish) lives at Uttarkuru. Chandradweep and Bhadradweep are the two famous islands situated at Uttarkuru.’


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