Markandeya says- ‘The people residing in KimPurusha Varsh enjoy a long life. They live for

10,000 years. They are never bothered by any kind of disease or sorrow. Just behind Kimpurusha Varsh is situated Hari Varsh. The residents of Hari Varsh enjoy an eternally youthful life because of the sugarcane juice they intake. Meru Varsh, which is situated near Hari Varsh, is also known as Ilavrit. It is devoid of the light of the Sun but gets sufficient light from the radiant Sumeru Mountain. It is so bright that even the Sun gets overshadowed. People living in Meru Varsh enjoy  a  very long  life  for  30,000  years.  Similarly  people  living  in  Ramyak  Varsh  sustain themselves by drinking fruit juice. They live for 10,000 years. Hiranyamay Varsh is situated towards  the  north  of  Ramyak  Varsh  where  the  river  Hiranvati  flows.  The  residents  of Hiranyamay are powerful, rich and handsome in appearance.

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