The sage says- ‘O king! I have described in detail about the greatness of Goddess Bhagvati who is the creator of this universe. She is the one who bestows the knowledge of self to us. She is the Maya (illusion) by whom the whole world is influenced. You must take her refuge. You can achieve all the pleasures of this world, heaven, as well as liberation.’ King Surath and the Vaishya went to do their penance. While doing their penance, they chanted the mantras of Devi Sukta. They made an earthen idol of Bhagvati and worshipped it by offering flowers, Dhup etc. They did an austere penance for three years implying various modes of worship. Sometimes, they observed fast, the other time, they offered their own blood to please Goddess Bhagvati. At last, the goddess was pleased and appeared before them. She said- ‘I am pleased with both of you. I will fulfil whatever you wish.’ ┬áKing Surath sought her blessings in regaining his kingdom

from the clutches of his enemies. He also requested her to bless him with an undivided kingdom in his next life. The Vaishya requested her to make him free from all kinds of attachments. Goddess Bhagvati said- ‘O king! Very soon, you will be able to regain your whole kingdom from your enemies. In your next birth, you would be born as Savarni Manu, the son of Surya. You will also attain self-knowledge and become free from all kinds of attachments.’ After blessing both of them, Goddess Bhagvati disappeared.

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