Markandeya says- ‘When the newly married couple Dama and Sumana returned to the capital, King Narishyant was extremely pleased. King Narishyant after knowing about the brave deeds of his son was very proud of him. As he had become old, he appointed Dama as his successor and he went in the forest to do penance accompanied by his wife- Indrasena.

Once, Vayushman came in the same forest where King Narishyant was doing his penance. After seeing Narishyant and his wife, he enquired as to, who they were. But King Narishyant did not give any reply as he was observing a Mauna Vrata. Somehow, Vayushman came to know about his identity that he was none other than the father of his bitter enemy- Dama. He felt that this was the most opportune moment for him to take his revenge and killed Narishyant. Indrasena on seeing her dead husband, started to wail. All the sages and hermits who were doing penance in that forest arrived there and started cursing Vayushman for the grave sin he had committed. Indrasena requested one of the sages to go and inform Dama about his father’s death. She said- ‘Go and tell him that his father Narishyant has been killed by Vayushman while he was doing penance.  Now,  it  was  his  duty  to  avenge  his  father’s  death.’  After  saying  this,  Indrasena committed Sati by jumping into the burning pyre of her husband.

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