Markandeya says- ‘When Dama came to know about his father’s death, he became extremely furious. Although he was very patient by nature but still the news of his father’s death made him restless. He thought- ‘Shame on me. Inspite of myself being alive, the wicked Vayushman had killed my father. I have failed in my duty. Being a king, it is my duty to punish the wicked people and protect the virtuous ones. But my enemy is still alive after committing a heinous crime. Now, I will perform my father’s Tarpan only with the blood of Vayushman. If I fail in doing this, then I would give up my life by jumping into the fire. I will not only kill Vayushman but also his whole family. Whoever tries to help him will be put to death. Even if the deities, Yama or Kubera try to help him, they will get destroyed.’

Markandeya says-  ‘After taking a vow to kill  Vayushman, Dama consulted his priests and ministers on his future course of action. All of them unanimously decided that Vayushman must be punished for his crime. At last, Dama marched along with a huge army towards Vayushman’s kingdom.

When Vayushman came to know of Dama’s arrival, he became very angry. The battle commenced. The chief commander of Vayushman’s army attacked Dama but was killed by Dama. Seeing his chief commander dead, Vayushman tried to flee from the battlefield with his army. Seeing him flee, Dama challenged Vayushman. Vayushman accepted Dama’s challenge and turned back to fight again. A ferocious battle was fought. In a very short time, Dama killed all the seven sons of Vayushman, his brothers, relatives and his friends. Vayushman was extremely angry at the death of his near and dear ones and he attacked Dama with his sword. But Dama pulling Vayushman by his hair, felled him on the ground and put his feet on his neck saying- ‘I am now going to pierce the heart of this wicked and mean man. All the deities, human beings, sages etc. should witness this scene.’ Saying this, Dama killed Vayushman. Blood started to ooze out from the wound inflicted on Vayushman’s heart. Dama tried to drink that blood but was desisted from doing so by the deities. Then Dama performed the last rites of his father with that blood. In this way, he took his revenge.

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