The birds said- ‘O Jaimini! This was the way, sage Markandeya had narrated the divine tales to Kraustuki.   A   person   who   either   studies   this   Purana   or   listens   to   it   achieves   great accomplishment. All his desires are fulfilled and he enjoys a long life. He becomes free from all his sins. Markandeya Purana is the seventh among all the eighteen Puranas. Listening to it helps a man to atone for all the sins committed during the period of one hundred crore Kalpas. The virtues attained by listening to Markandeya Purana are equivalent to the virtues attained by making donations at Pushkar or by studying all the Vedas.’

Jaimini replied- ‘O birds! You have enlightened my mind by narrating the tales of Markandeya Purana and have made it free from all sorts of confusion. May the almighty God bless you, may you enjoy a long life free from all the diseases.’

Saying like this, Jaimini went back to his hermitage.

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