Narada says: “O brother! Kindly narrate the tale of the Ganges’ origin from the feet of lord


Sanatkumar says: Long ago, in the beginning of creation, one sage Kashyapa had two wives Diti and Aditi. They both were the daughters of Daksha. Aditi was the mother of the gods while Diti had given birth to demons. Thus, the demons and the gods were stepbrothers and fought accordingly for the power and prestige. Demons were elder. HiranyaKashyapa, the demon king was the son of Diti. His son Prahlada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. In the lineage of Prahlada, occurred the great king Bali who was the son of Virochan.

Bali  had  conquered  entire  earth  and  was  now  eyeing  the  heaven.  Bali  had  two  ministers, Kubhand and Koopkarna and an equally prowessive son Ban. With a huge army, Bali launched a massive attack on heaven and soon a fierce battle broke out. The battle lasted for one thousand years. At last, the gods lost the heaven to the demons and began to wander here and there in search  of solace.  Defeating the  gods,  the king  Bali  organized  many Ashwamedha  Yagyas. Feeling sorry for the plight of her sons, Aditi began a severe penance on the Himalayas.

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