Continuing with the tale of Indradyumna, sage Jaimini told all the sages–‘Next morning, Indradyumna and his entourage crossed Mahanadi on boats and reached Ekamrachhetra where they worshipped lord Purushottam. After that they worshipped on their onwards journey and reached  Kotishwar  Mahalaya  where  they  worshipped  lord  Tribhuneshwar  with  appropriate rituals. Lord Tribhuneshwar appeared after becoming pleased and blessed Indradyumna that his wish of seeing lord Jagannath was soon going to be fulfilled. Lord Tribhuneshwar then instructed Narada–‘ O great soul! After reaching Purushottam kshetra, help Indradyumna perform one hundred yagyas as per the instructions given by Lord Brahma. I along with goddess Durga, dwell at the entrance of conch shaped Purushottam kshetra. Although, presently lord Jagannath has  concealed  himself  beneath  a  heap  of  sand  yet  very soon  he  is  going  to  manifest  himself. Indradyumna should get constructed a magnificent temple of Lord Jagannath at the same place, where once existed his idol and presently which is hidden beneath the heap of sand. Later on, Vishwakarma  would  then  carve out  four idols  from  a  single  piece of  wood, which  would subsequently be installed by Lord Brahma himself. Finally, Indradyumna’s wish of seeing Lord Jagannath would get fulfilled.

Narada assured Lord Tribhuneshwar that all his instructions would be followed in letter and spirit. The procession then left for the place indicated by Lord Tribhuneshwar.


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