After reaching the temple of Neelkanth-Mahadev, all of them worshipped Mahadev and Durga. They then visited the temple of Lord Nrisimha, situated under a sandalwood tree at the foothills of Neelachal mountain.King Indradyumna was anxiously waiting for the moment he would have a  divine  glimpse  of  lord  Jagannath.  He  requested  Narada  to  take  him  to  the  place  where Jagannath had hidden himself beneath the heap of sand. Narada took him near a Banyan tree and said–‘ Look at this huge Banyan tree that is two yojans in height and whose trunk is spread in the area of one yojan. To the north of this Banyan tree and to the north of Nrisimha temple lies the place where Lord Neelmadhav used to have his dwelling sometime ago but who has presently concealed himself. Now, the time is not very far when you would see Lord Jagannath with your mortal eyes.’

Indradyumna bowed in reverence to the place where Lord Jagannath was supposed to remanifest himself in the near future. He eulogized the lord as if he were already present there and this was true as Jagannath’s idol was indeed present there albeit hidden beneath heaps of sand. He prayed-

-‘O lord! You are the one in whom every living creature ultimately takes refuge. My only wish is to be able to see your idol, which is presently hidden beneath heaps of sand.’ Hardly had Indradyumna finished his prayer when he heard a heavenly voice–‘O king! Do not worry! The day is not far when you would see me with your mortal eyes. You just need to follow Narada’s instructions and your wish will be fulfilled.

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