Once, goddess Parvati requested Shiva to describe the significance of Mahakal teerth. Lord Shiva replied- “Once, Sanatkumar- one of the manasputras of Lord Brahma had gone to his father’s abode, situated at a place near Meru mountain. Sage Vyasa arrived there and asked him the same question. Sanatkumar had revealed to him that all kinds of sins loosed their evil influence at Mahakal teerth. He had also told him that it was called ‘Peetha’ because Matrikas had their abode over there. Anybody, who is fortunate of leaving his mortal body at this holy-place, is freed from the vicious cycles of birth and death.” This place is very dear to Lord Shiva and is also called by various other names like Ekamrak-van,

Mahakal-van and Vimukti-kshetra.

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