Shri kshetra gokarna mahabaleshwar – A Unique immortalism of Gokarn

The mention of the importance of this welknown ancient holy Kshetra is amply to be found even in the old, old epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. There is besides, a special Purana, called Gokama Puranam, which extols in detail the importance of this holy place. In the beginning of this Purana there is a mention made that as Shanmukha (also known as Skanda first learnt the History imĀ­ potence) of this holy place from his father Parameshwara, this Gokama Purana came to be called also Skanda Bhoga, and that Soota, the disciple of Vyasa narrated the mahatmya of this Kshetra to the King Shatanika, the descendent of the Pandas and other shounakadi Rushis !

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