The Origin of the Kshetra: In the begin­ning i.e., long before creation when this world was all water. Chaturmukha Brahma was performing ever penance with the object of effecting creation. The Rudra came out of his forehead and appeared before him. Brahma requested him that as he was most competent to make creation, he should under­take the work to which Rudra consented and went to Patala and there began to perform penance in order to obtain success in his object of creating progenies, all immortal, of Satvaguna. (perfectly sportless nature) and of equal strength. But Brahma seeing that as 3 ages already elapsed it would be too late and also fearing that there would be Shankara i. e., confusion and disorder in society, if there was to be on distinction among the created, undertook creation himself, and did it of threefold qualities (Satva, Rajas and Tamas Combined) Rudra learnt this from Prakrit, got very angry and tried to come up with Prakriti. But all the previding earth lay before him. He became much enraged and authoritively
asked her to give him a way. The earth, however, requested him to kindly contact himself and come out slowly through here ear, so that she might be saved the pain of bearing his full weight, and prayed to him pathetically. Much pleased with her prayer. Rudra Complied with her prayer. Rudra complied with her request, and becoming thumbsize came out through here ear and addressed her with these words, and blessed her with the following boon “Oh ! you earth, you go by the name of co w” and as this is your ear, let this place be called Gokarn and as this place served me as womb while coming while coming up from Patala. Let this place be also called Rudra-Yoni. More over, may. The utterance of your name in the morning & in the afternoon, be able to destroy all sins committed during night and day respectively, and may this place within 15 miles be known as Kshetra and within 12 Yojanas Mandala. Thus this place came to be called Gokarn & became a holy “Shiva Kshetra” There is a Ling placed in the very place through which Rudra came and this place is called Adi Gokarn.

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