The sage Kashyapa had two wives Kadru and Vinata. Kadru had one thousand children who were Nagas servents. Garuda and Aruna were the two sons of Vinata. The two sisters were one day wondering on the mountain Meru when at some deistance they happened to see horse of Indra (Uchaishravas). There arose a dispute between them as to the colour of the horse.
Kadru said that the horse was white with its tail black where as Vinata refuted by saying the horse was white tail and all. They resolved at last to go to the very spot where the horse was next day to verify the statements on condition that one whose statements become false should serve the other, Kadru to defeat her sister told all her children to stick to the tail of the horse so that it might look black. As they refused to do so, she cursed them with rage, to die in the sacrificial fire of the king Janamejaya (The detailed account can be found in the Mahabharata) Ten out of the number thus cursed came to Gokarn, made a teertha and founded a linga for the purpose of performing the penance. Pleased with their devo­tion Mahadeva in company of Brahma and Vishnu appeared before them and freed from curse.

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