Ravana the king of Lanka, heard the immense power and great ness of this Paneling and wishing to possess it set out for Kailasa. he was performing there severe penance with prayers in Samagana, Narada, who had been to Kailasa from Gokarn, while taking Ishwaras, leave saw Ravana there, and learnt his intention. He at once came to Swarga, and informed Indra of Ravana’s in tention, and told him that since gods would assuredly become powerless if  Ravana had the Pranalinga, he should so try that Ravana could not have it, thence he made his exit to  Brahma Loka. In the mean – time Indra after consultation  with his Guru, went to Kailasa accompanied by all the Gods, but Ravana, had already pleased!  Ishwara and obtaining the Pranalinga, was returning  home. He had instructions from Ishwara to go on  foot only, and had, more over, been told that the Pranalinga would take root the moment it was placed on earth by virtue of its being Pancha Brahmatmaka.He accordingly set out on foot in the southern direction. On his way he halted at Saptakoti as it was then midday, and performing his Madhyahnika worshiped the Septa Koteshwara. In the mean time the gods seeing that Ravana was not in Kailas, asked Shiva has whereabouts. He replied that Ravana started in the southern direction, and asked them to so contrive as to compel Ravana to place the Pranalinga on earth. The gods then bowed respectfully to Shiva and set out in the southern direction in search of Ravana. But unable to find him out, they became very anxious. When Narada came and informed them that Ravana  was at Saptakoti the gods were very glad to hear it, and went, directly to Saptakoti. Ravana saw the gods coming roared in anger and proceeded in the direction of Gokarna. The gods then approached Vishnu and requested him to contrive  some – means by which Ravana might be compelled to place the Pranalinga at Gokarna. Vishnu  well knew that Ravana, being a Brahmin would not transgress the time of performing  Sandhyavandana. So he sent for Ganapathi and said to him. “Oh, Ganapathi, you take the guise of Batu (a young Brahmachari), and be loitering near Ravana. He will go to Pitrasthali for Sandhyavandana. When he sees you there, he will most probably give the Pranalinga in your charge. Then you tell him that if you are over powered with the w eight o f the Linga you will call out to him three times, and that if be does not come you will place it on earth. If all this turns out as we guess you do accordingly, and thus acquire great reputation”. Thus was Ganapati  sent Vishnu place his Chakra between the earth, and  the sun, and it appeared for the time that the sun was set Under the impression that it was sunset. Ravana, as pre-judged by Vishnu, gave the Linga in to the hands of Ganapati and went to Pitrasthali for his Sandy and was soon deep in his meditation of Gayatri. In the meantime, the gods placed the weight of the three worlds in the Linga, which became so  heavy that Ganapati could on longer bear it in his hands, and hence called out to Ravana three times. But seeing that Ravana did’nt come he place it on earth. The Lina at once forced its way through the Sapta Patala and took a firm stand. Then, the gods in their great joy showered flowers on the Linga. The place where the Linga stood was in a thorny forest, the time of Sthapana (Placing) being Meena-Lagna-Vishakha Nakshatra. Sunday, Vyatipata yoga, Tulamasa Kartika Shuddha Pratipada in the autumn of Ishwara Samvatsara in the 23rd, Tretayuga of Vaivasvatamanvantara Vishnu then  displace his Chakra and there was bright sunshine. Ravana seeing this and learning also that the Linga was established, became much enraged through shame and sorrow, and finishing his  Sandhya, approached the Linga. He knelt down and  tried to uproot it. The powerful Ravana embraced  the Linga with his many hands and pulled with all his might. But being unable even to move it, he fainted after much exertion and vomiting blood feel in to a swoon. The gods, overjoyed, heartly laughed at Ravana’s pitiable plight, after some time Ravana’s recovered from his swoon and in anger gave a first on the head of Ganapati and in shame got to the sea through the caves of the Shata-Shringa hills, and went to Lanka. After this, the gods sent Vishvakarma (the carpenter of the gods) to the river Gandaki for bringing a beautiful marble frame, which they fitted to the Linga. Ganapati walked 40 paces back to the North-West and stood with his fact towards the West. There is Ishwara’s commandment that on gets the merit of the worship of Prana-linga only if Ganapati is first duly worshipped by him.

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