(The Mountain of Copper bottom)
One of the sages named Bragurushi prayed the godess of fire. So the godess of fire who was the wife of immenseful flame came to Shatashring mountains at Goshringa for disemboding her course. She penanced at Goshringa mountains of Shatashringa Lord Brahma was impressed by her penance hence blessed her as Jwaleyu Sarvabhak Shagli means root out the fire completly.
She should not be visible and be an immense imaginative and she should mingle in all creatures of the universe the alive animals should live as per her existence in them the pond where she was swimming the same would be fame as firepond (Agnikund) the meditator who willingly dip in the same pond at the time of the sun rise afterward who meditates that the all forms of sin would be washed out besides getting the fruits of Ashwamedha. Thus Lord Brahma give innumerable boons to her. The some end parts of the mountain were burnt which remained the end parts so it is named as Tamratala Parvata or the Mountain of Copper Bottom. Thus it is famous till today.
In the same mountain lord Shiva married (Tamra-Gouri) the goddess of copper. Therefore it is known as Vaivahik Parvat.

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