Lomaharshan says- “When Bali saw the demons becoming devoid of radiance and power, he enquired about the reasons from his grandfather, Prahlada. He wondered whether it was a bad omen. Prahlada went into a deep trance and saw the whole earth shaking violently. He also saw high tides rising in the ocean. He was convinced that these signs went to prove the inevitable emergence of the deities’ power. Prahlada then meditated upon Lord Vishnu and found him manifesting in Aditi’s womb as a Vamana (dwarf). He also saw the whole universe existing in his body. Prahlada was surprised but the next moment he controlled himself and told Bali– “Now I know the reason why the demons have become devoid of their radiance and power. Lord Hari is about to take incarnation as the son of Aditi and this is the reason why all the demons have become powerless.”

Bali curiously asked Prahlada- “Who is this Hari, the tormentor of the demons? Why should we be scared of him as we have many valiant demons who could defeat him easily.” Prahlada became furious at Bali’s utterances and cursed him by saying- “How dare you say like this! I am ashamed that you have taken birth as my grandson. I curse you to lose your kingdom and fall from grace because you have criticised Lord Vishnu- the supreme saviour.”


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