Bali felt sorry for hurting Prahlada’s feelings. He said- “Dear grandfather! My intelligence has been overshadowed by my arrogant attitude. You have done the right thing by cursing me. I am not scared of losing all my prosperity and splendour but your anger is unbearable for me.”

Now even Prahlada realised that he had committed a mistake by cursing his own son. He said- “Unable to control my anger, I cursed you but now nothing can be done and my words will definitely come true. But don’t worry as my blessings would help you to become a supreme devotee of Hari and you would be protected by him.”

Lomaharshan says- “In course of time, Lord Vishnu took birth as Vamana. This incident of Vishnu’s birth had liberated Aditi and all the deities from their sorrow. Lord Brahma appeared and performed Vamana’s Jatkarm. He also eulogised Vamana and worshipped him. Lord Vishnu was pleased by his eulogy and revealed to him that he took the incarnation of Vamana to make Indra, the lord of all the three worlds.”

Lord Brahma was pleased and presented a black coloured deer skin to him. Similarly, sages like Marichi, Vashishtha, Brihaspati, Angira, etc. presented Palash Danda, kamandalu, sacred thread and silken clothes respectively. Lord Vamana then proceeded towards the place where King Bali was performing his oblation. Lord Vamana was in the appearance of a hermit. Though he was of diminutive size, yet each of his steps were enough to shake the earth.

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