Study of Vamana Purana helps a man to enhance his knowledge and makes him free from all kinds of worldly attachments. It also increases his love and devotion towards the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. There are ten characteristics evident in all the Puranas- 1) Sarg. 2)Visarg. 3) Sthan. 4) Poshan. 5) Uti. 6) Vritti. 7) Raksha. 8) Manvantara. 9) Vansh. 10)Upashraya.

Sarg deals with the descriptions of the origin of this universe. Visarg enlightens us as to how a living thing transforms itself from one species to another. Sthan, Poshan, Uti and Vritti deal with the  descriptions  of  various  means  which  are  employed  by a  man  for  his  survival.  Raksha describes about the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu which he takes for the protection of the humankind. Manvantara deals with the complete description of the history of the whole Manvantara period. Vansh describe about the lineage of all the kings including Lord Brahma. Upashraya enlightens us on the real meaning of Brahma.

Pulastya says- “A man who listens to the divine tales of Vamana Purana attains to Vishnu loka after becoming free from all his sins. He attains the same virtues which a performer of Ashwamedha Yagya does. Even listening to one part of Vamana Purana bestows great virtues and equivalent to making pilgrimage of numerous sacred places. Narada, Vamana Purana is the

14th among all the 18 Puranas which describes about the majesty of Lord Vishnu.”

Five names of Lord Vishnu have been mentioned in Vamana Purana- Karan Vamana, Narayan, Amitvikrama, Shargang chakra and Purushaottam. A devotee who chants any of these sacred names of Lord Vishnu and makes salutation either by speech, thought or deed attains to Vishnu loka.

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