Pulastya says after being defeated by the demons Indra went to Brahma loka and narrated his woeful tale to him. Sage Kashyapa- his father was also present there. Lord Brahma told Indra that he was reaping the fruits of his evil deeds. Sage Kashyapa told him that his miseries were due to the sin acquired by the destruction of Diti’s foetus. Indra asked both of them, how his sins could be atoned. Lord Brahma advised him to take Sri Hari’s help.

Indra then went to the north of Kalinjar Mountain and started living in a hermitage situated on the bank of river Mahanadi. He did penance for one year. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Vishnu appeared and blessed him saying- “Your austere penance has liberated you from the sin of destroying Diti’s foetus and very soon,  you will regain your kingdom.” After receiving the blessing, Indra went to Aditi’s hermitage and narrated the tale of his defeat at the hands of demons. Aditi knew that Indra would not have been defeated had Lord Vishnu been on his side during the battle. So, she went to Lord Vishnu and worshipped him with devotion. Lord Vishnu assured her that very soon, he would incarnate as her son and destroy the demons. Having said this, a part of Lord Vishnu’s effulgence entered into Aditi’s womb.

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