Narada asked sage Pulastya as  to  where did  Lord  Vamana  go  after disappearing from  the oblation site. Pulastya replied- “Lord Vamana went to Brahma loka mounted on his Garuda. On seeing him, Lord Brahma gave a warm reception and after worshipping him asked about the reason for his sudden arrival. Lord Vamana told him that he had sent Bali to Sutal loka for the welfare of the deities and so that they could get their share of the Yagya. Lord Brahma expressed his desire to see the giant form of Vishnu which he had taken while measuring all the three worlds. Lord Vishnu obliged him and showed his giant appearance. Lord Brahma was impresse

and eulogised him. He requested Lord Vishnu to remain in Brahma loka in his appearance of

Vamana. Lord Vishnu had agreed to do this and remained there.


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