After hearing the news of Bali‘s coronation, Maya and some other demons went and advised Bali to avenge the killings of his father- Virochan and other relatives by Indra. Bali became furious and marched with a huge army to fight the deities.


When Indra heard this news, he started making preparations for the battle and very soon, the deities’  army assembled  at  the foothills  of Udyachal  Mountain.  A  fierce battle was  fought between both the armies. The movement of the troops covered the whole sky with dust which subsided only after the tremendous bloodbath wetted the earth with blood. Kartikeya fought valiantly  in  this  battle  and  killed  many  demons.  The  demons  too  retaliated  by  vigorously attacking the deities. Lord Vishnu created havoc in the demons’ army by killing many demons in a very short time.


When Kalnemi- the demon saw that his comrades were scared of fighting Lord Vishnu, he attacked the deities with renewed vigour and swallowed many of the Yakshas, Kinnars and the deities. The deities became scared and started running away from the battlefield. The demons became delighted considering it as their victory and the defeat of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu became furious and covered the Udyachal Mountain with a volley of arrows named Narach. Bali and Maya became terrified and instigated Kalnemi to fight against Lord Vishnu.

Kalnemi confronted Lord Vishnu with a mace but it was destroyed by Vishnu’s chakra. After destroying Kalnemi’s weapon, Lord Vishnu first severed both his hands and then his head. The news of Kalnemi’s death spread like a wildfire in the demons army and they fled from the battlefield.


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