Lord Buddha is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The austerity begins on the eleventh  day of the bright  half  of the Hindu  month-Shravana.  On this  day lord  Vishnu  is worshipped with appropriate rituals and by making offerings of various articles like flowers, fruits, incense, etc. The following mantras should be chanted while worshipping the various organs of lord Vishnu –


  1. om damodaray namah – feet 2.  om hrishikeshay namah – waist


  1. om sanatanay namah – abdomen 4.  om Sri vatsadharine namah – chest


  1. om chakrapanaye namah – arms 6.  om haraye namah – throat


  1. om manju keshay namah – head 8.  om bhadray namah – top-knot (shikha). After the accomplishment of the rituals, the idol should be donated to a brahmin.

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