“A devotee should carefully make a beautiful earthen idol without any sign of crack. The most auspicious time for the installation of an earthen idol is said to be during ‘Shravana nakshatra’. An invocation is made to the deity to dwell within the idol after which ablution of the idol is performed with the help of various articles like holy water, panchagavya, sandalwood, etc. The rituals  of  worship  are  similar  to  that  of  woodden  or  stone-idol.”  “The  best  time  for  the installation of copper idol is said to be during ‘chitra’ nakshatra. The idol should be installed facing north and should be purified with the help of holy water, panchagavya, etc. Then the deity is invoked to dwell within the idol. The invocation is made by chanting sacred mantras. Now the idol is fit to be worshipped. The rituals are same as mentioned earlier.”

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